• Scheduling a meeting is often time consuming, cumbersome and an iterative process. It typically involves repeated checking of people's availability and following up on IM/phone/email etc.

  • Scheduling is further compounded by time zone differences and availability of resources like conference rooms.

  • The organizer often slams the schedule thereby leaving the recipients to manage the resulting conflicts/double bookings.

  • Personal schedules are usually not factored into the scheduling process making it tricky to juggle work and personal commitments.

  • Any changes (such as meeting overrun) in the schedule requires complex manual maneuvering to manage ripple effects.


Time savings & Productivity gains for individuals and organizations

  1. Time spent scheduling cut to 1/8th compared to non WizCal meetings
  2. Real time automated conflict resolution. Optimizes at the level of a team
  3. Higher meeting acceptance rate
  4. Creates uninterrupted time slots which leads to more “thinking time”

Lowers number of meetings and speeds up decision making

  1. Avoids double booking in first time scheduling of a meeting
  2. Continues to resolve double booking as conflicts arise in real time
  3. Achieves higher attendance by choosing the “most appropriate” time slot
  4. Has a notion of mandatory and optional attendees and optimizes for mandatory participants

Higher ROI on conference facilities and usage insights

  1. Match conference room capacity and facilities to meeting requirements
  2. Automatically finds a new conference room in case of rescheduling
  3. Minimizes travel time based on location
  4. Analytics to understand room/facility utilization and gaps

Increases employee engagement and promotes work life balance

  1. Personal preference mapped into scheduling decision
  2. Reduced cognitive load in complex scheduling scenarios thereby enabling a "hassle free” experience
  3. Takes personal calendar events into account while scheduling
  4. Mobile clients with one click support for updates like “Running Late”


1. Add Attendees

Provide a list of people you want to invite for the meeting.

2. Specify When

Express your intended time to schedule the meeting. For example, "Monday Second Half" Or "Early Next Week". No need to check for a person's availability or even look for a room.

3. Click Send

WizCal finds a time slot that works for everyone in your meeting, finds you a conference room and puts the meeting on your calendar. It's that simple!



Average time it takes to deploy WizCal by an enterprise.


Or less actual end user training time.


Average time saved to schedule meetings.

Built for Professionals and Enterprises


Using your preferences like work/lunch hours, WizCal schedule's meetings that take into account a wide range of constraints for meeting attendees. WizCal understands your travel situations and works across time zones.

Easy Adoption

WizCal integrates seamlessly with tools like Outlook, which allows for virtually nonexistent learning curve. Available on all major phone platforms and works with industry leading messaging platforms.

Enterprise Ready

The product is built to boost productivity for busy teams in enterprises. It is designed as an enterprise-class solution to meet privacy and security requirements and offers flexible deployment options like hosted cloud and on-premise.

Product Features

  • Automatic Meeting Scheduling

  • Running late – One Click to Inform People and Move Meetings

  • Avoids Scheduling Conflicts

  • Support for Groups and Alias

  • Auto Book Meeting Room

  • Personal Preferences and Priorities

  • Travel and Time Zone Management

  • Work Life Balance

  • Meeting Hours and Lunch Time Optimization

  • In Depth Analytics

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