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WizCal can be used from within your Outlook or Google calendar experience. It is also available on iOS for you
to schedule meetings on the go. Below is a brief description of some of the important capabilities of WizCal.

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Automatically suggest time for participants who are
WizCal users & outside your organization

Automatically finds time suggestions for all participants who are WizCal users even if they are not in your organization. Invite folks in your network to WizCal and schedule seamlessly with them.

Schedule with ease even if your
attendees are not WizCal users

Share a link to the combined availability of a group of participants in your organization with external participants who are not WizCal users. The external participants can access suggestions for your proposed meeting and schedule a time that works for everyone.

Multiple time zone handling

If your meeting has participants from more than one time zone, WizCal assistant will suggest times that work for all time zones.
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Book using Groups and Distribution lists

Schedule meetings in seconds even for large groups. Enter group aliases names and WizCal will find the best time for all to meet
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Automatic meeting room booking

Learns your meeting room preferences and automatically finds a meeting room for your meetings. You don’t have to remember room names or search for availability across multiple rooms.
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